Happy New Year

1 January, 2023 News

22 years of IPBRICK!

5 May, 2022 News

To Partners, Customers and Friends of the IPBRICK Brand, we are grateful for your support and for being our motivation in this journey! As we celebrate another anniversary, we also make a brief retrospective. Even though it was another year…

iPortalDoc: Automatic document insertion through QR Code

3 March, 2022 News

iPortalDoc’s integrated OCR extracts information from QR codes in transactional documents. The system then uses this information to automatically categorize and insert these documents in the Document and Process Management Solution. As of the start of the year, invoices and…

Unified Communication System for Healthcare Process Automation

25 February, 2022 News

Integrated system focused on client satisfaction that collects, registers and handles information through the automation of manual workflows. Available 24/7, the system increases customer satisfaction and operation efficiency by reducing the likelihood of errors as well as waiting and response…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of successful businesses ☃

23 December, 2021 News

May next year's challenges turn into a chance to grow and achieve personal and professional goals! Nearing the end of another year filled with great professional and personal challenges, IPBRICK can't help but be thankful to all of its Partners,…

IPBRICK has a renewed Website

14 July, 2021 News

IPBRICK has a renewed Website, simpler and easier to navigate. Visit us at www.ipbrick.com. Today we launched the new IPBRICK website. One more step towards improving communication between the brand and everyone who "searches" us. We want you to provide a…

It’s official: The new versions of IPBRICK and iPortalDoc are already available

1 June, 2021 News

Today IPBRICK opens a new Era in Corporate Communications, which will change the way companies communicate/work. The 1st of June, Children’s Day, in Portugal, was the day chosen for the official release of versions 7.0 of IPBRICK and iPortalDoc –…

20 years of IPBRICK

5 May, 2020 News

On the 5th of May, IPBRICK celebrates 20 years. 20 years ago we began our journey in the world of Open Source corporate solutions. Since then, many were the challenges that we set for ourselves, being the creation of IPBRICK…

IPBRICK enables contingency plan in response to Covid-19

13 March, 2020 News

In the aftermath of the most recent events related to the New Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic and the decision of the Portuguese Government to declare alert state in the whole country, IPBRICK decided to enable phase II of its Contingency…

Automation of work Processes with iPortalDoc

5 March, 2020 News

Put an end to the execution of manual tasks that increase the margin of error and decrease efficiency. The automation of processes (Commercial, Financial, Human Resources and many others), through the usage of a Document and Process Management solution, such…

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