IPBRICK is a platform for the corporate communications that support the solutions of IPBRICK Magic Wall:

Document and Process Management – iPortalDoc

Unified Communications – IPBRICK.UCoIP

Enterprise Social Network – IPBRICK.CAFE

Email and Collaborative Tools - IPBRICK.MAIL

IPBRICK was born in May of 2000, at a time when the Linux operating system was in the spotlight, by several experts and organizations. Arising as an answer to several areas of intervention, based on Open Source solutions, and aiming to provide an easy, simple and accessible user IT (Information Technology) experience.

In 2002, iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management System, emerges.

In 2008, IPBRICK.UCoIP (Unified Communications over IP) is launched. By releasing UCoIP, the company predicted the end of the traditional phone numbers and lines. Today, more and more companies are adopting internet access lines exclusively, as part of their telecommunications infrastructure.

Currently, IPBRICK solutions operate On-Premises but mainly in Private Cloud, and in partnership with local Data Centers, covering the most important areas of Corporate Communications.


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