The importance of business process automation

A workfow is a fundamental part of a Document and Process Management solution, such as iPortalDoc. According to a previously determined set of rules, it allows documents, information or tasks to move from one user to another, following a certain hierarchy. All of this, in a completely dematerialized way.

Well thought, designed and standardized processes, for companies realities, are carried out with greater speed and accuracy.

In addition to its native workflows tool, iPortalDoc will provide a BPMN 2.0 tool to modeling processes.

Every document stored in iPortalDoc has its own workflow

That workflow can simply be an Archive workflow or it can represent a process over which several users may perform tasks.

Streamlines tasks management.

The implementation of a Document and Process Management solution with workflows allows to determine the tasks that each user is going to perform, just like in a production line. This structuring of processes brings fluidity to the execution of tasks, helps to decrease the time spent in its execution and decreases the margin of error.

The workflows are controlled by the execution of an action by a user, and its execution determines the next step.


For each action of the workflow, an e-mail notification is sent, which alerts the user and allows him to access the task through the link sent in the e-mail.

Type of action

For the documents with archive workflow, the user can determine a type of action to the Ad hoc forwarding of that document.


iPortalDoc workflows operate according to a set of permissions that limits, or allows, the access of users, or group of users, to the information of the process (associated documents, associated e-mails, chronological scheme, etc).

Simplifies internal communication

The lack of communication and the difficulty in accessing information in companies is often a huge problem and it can impair employees performance. Scattered information results in confuse and difficult to execute routines.

A Document and Process Management system with workflows ensures that the information is always accessible, and centralized, avoiding losses of time and keeping employees focused.

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