It’s official: The new versions of IPBRICK and iPortalDoc are already available

1 June, 2021 News

Today IPBRICK opens a new Era in Corporate Communications, which will change the way companies communicate/work.

The 1st of June, Children’s Day, in Portugal, was the day chosen for the official release of versions 7.0 of IPBRICK and iPortalDoc – the Document and Management Solution, and also of version 3.0 of IPBRICK.CAFE – the Digital Workplace.

And why the allusion to World Children’s Day? Because the release of these new versions is part of a journey traveled with the same enthusiasm of a child that starts taking his first steps, until he gains the confidence to walk on his own.

21 years later, IPBRICK is a young adult that has been taking strong steps in this journey of Corporate Communications, in Private Cloud. But it keeps the same enthusiasm, the ability to dream and the commitment to carry on providing the best solutions to its partners and clients.

Version 7.0 is a turning point to the IPBRICK Brand

Miguel Ramalhão, IPBRICK’s CPO, explains that “in version 7.0 of IPBRICK, developments were undertaken in order to increase the simplicity in the provisioning of IPBRICK solutions in the Cloud”. Special emphasis for the Voicebots solution which “will help companies/organizations to optimize the flow of calls through the usage of Artificial Intelligence techniques”.

About IPBRICK.CAFE, it is highlighted its new design and the addition of tools to ease communication and information exchange between companies and employees. Besides the already existing, and now enhanced, integration with Unified Communications (Voice, Videoconference and Professional Chat), a “channels” feature will be provided, which aims to reduce the exchange of e-mails as well as to centralize and streamline the exchange of information.

Version 7.0 of iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management Solution, also marks a turning point. iPortalDoc’s CPO, Telma Salgueiro, reveals that “one of the most visible changes is in the redesign of the solution” and believes that “even for those who are familiar with iPortalDoc, this new version will be a huge surprise”. For her, “iPortalDoc users always understood its importance for the Digital Transformation of corporate processes, but sometimes found it complex”. Telma Salgueiro ensures “that was one of the main concerns in the development of this new version, which relies on a new organization of the different areas, making the solution more intuitive and easy to navigate”.

Paulo Costa, IPBRICK’s CEO, takes this opportunity to “thank our clients and partners as well as the entire community that supports the Brand, highlighting their key role in this path of innovation which now culminates with the release of these new versions”.