Business Process Management

Organizational Process Management with iPortalDoc

Business process management, based on a document management solution such as iPortalDoc, consists in the implementation of a set of digital procedural practices, which aim to automate and optimize work processes, that were previously performed manually. At the same time, it intends to ensure the efficiency of these processes, operating aligned with each other and in relation to the entire business structure.

This need for the adoption of solutions for the management of business processes, felt by the companies, arises because, more and more, it is necessary to ensure the execution of structured and related tasks. Ensuring that the system dictates all steps or “rules” in the execution of a given process, as well as its participants, is a guarantee that this same process is complied with, according to the rules and deadlines defined in the system, thus avoiding any failure resulting from the management of manual business processes, where the margin of error rises exponentially.

The management of business processes, based on iPortalDoc, is nothing more than having an intelligent system, with previously established activities, whose objective is to ensure how, who and when a certain task should be performed. Therefore, we speak of a set of actions that are related to each other, in a logical and coherent way, in order to promote internal and external productivity gains.


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Business Process Management, based on iPortalDoc, appears as an alternative to the old and outdated view of manual process management

Companies that use solutions for business process management

recognize several advantages

greater speed

They quickly find the data they are looking for, due to the possibility they have to resort to intelligent documentary research.

greater safety

They have ensured the protection of their archive with the backup of all information.

cost reduction

They reduce costs related to the processing of documents (information), while maximizing the company’s physical space.

greater flexibility

They have the possibility to access the documents whenever and wherever they wish to, simply by having access to the internet.

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