iPortalDoc is a Document and Process Management system with workflows, that operates On-premises and in Private Cloud, and that is prepared to help all types of companies and institutions with the management of their work processes: Correspondence, Financial, Human Resources, Commercial, Marketing, Legal and others.

At any given moment in a process that takes place in the Document Management System, iPortalDoc, with the involvement of various users and different departments, you will always have access to the entire history of individuals involved, interventions that have been carried out, as well as to associated documents and emails, facilitating the search and avoiding losses of time and information. This results not only in a continued improvement in the activities and processes of the organizations, making them more efficient, but also in the increase of productivity in the different areas of business.

The automation of work processes thanks to the adoption of a Document Management software, such as iPortalDoc, is the guarantee of higher productivity and effectiveness in the processing and management of employees’ tasks, at the same time that it reduces the margin of error in the exercise of activities, that were previously performed manually, to almost zero.

With iPortalDoc you ensure the efficiency of your company’s processes at the same time that the participants are held accountable. The system notifies the users of the actions they have pendent and allows them to consult, at any time, the state in which a certain process is. In addition, it allows to store and consult previous versions of documents and eases the search for information.


iPortalDoc also encompasses features of archiving, management of the document life cycle and workflows, allowing the dematerialization and automation of business and decision-making processes.

Document Management

  • Insertion of documents
  • Fowarding of documents
  • Association of documents
  • Association of emails to documents/processes
  • Link documents

Process Management

  • Notifications
  • Chronological Scheme
  • State Diagram
  • Actions


iPortalDoc is composed by a series of separate modules that interact with each other. Each organization can have the modules of its interest.

• iPortalDoc Light
• Meetings
• Contracts

• Newsletters

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