Digital Document Management is a system that ensures the standardization of processes related to archiving, managing, rating and approving information. This process is structured according to workflow usage or ad-hoc routing..

A company’s ever growing need to adopt new Document Management solutions is intrinsically connected to the challenges that come with physical archiving. These challenges range from the physical space needed for storage and its maintenance to the lack of organizational criteria of the archives, which can lead to the loss of information and time or the misplacement of documentation which often leads to missed deadlines.

The value of Document Management to companies

The necessary investment for the digitalization of archived documents and the conversion of a physical archive into a digital one, where the printing and filling of documents happens only when strictly necessary, is not only a trend but also a strategical necessity during the era of Digital Transformation.

However, for this conversion to go through without setbacks, a Document Management solution such as iPortalDoc is required. To simply digitalize and therefore dematerialize a document is not enough, it is imperative to ensure that the digital archive is in compliance with regulations and has legal validity. Allowing the usage of digital certificates and signatures that identify the users is key in ensuring the legal validity of the archived documents.

In addition to the securing and organizing information, a Document Management solution grants immediate accessibility to documentation and makes finding documents much easier using search parameters such as keywords, document type, workflow, content, folder and much more.

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How does iPortalDoc’s Document Management Solution work?

Access to iPortalDoc’s Document Management is established via a Web browser regardless of the user’s physical location. Authentication is done in an authentication server through a login and a password (LDAP authentication servers, Windows Active Directory or using federated identity-based authentication – Shibboleth).

iPortalDoc allows users to upload documents, promote workflows via e-mail, link documents or attach them to e-mails, forward multiple files at once, with or without outstanding actions, file them in different folders or search for related documents.

Access to documents or processes is done by a user permission concept, allowing it to be managed by groups, work groups, roles and profiles. This concept ensures that partners (users) can only access documents that match their permission level. A given document’s access level may be defined by the process it abides by as well as the action type users perform on that process.

The Chronological Plan allows tracking of the different stages a document has gone through and the responsible for said stages.

In the document hierarchy, defined in Document Management, a user can be granted differing access levels including the lack of access to certain folders or documents/processes in the hierarchy. Registration of any of the company’s content can be done in the Document and Process Management system. You can register hard copies of documents, a file or even an e-mail and keep these documents linked with their respective process/folder in order to view them at any time according to the granted permissions.

The app has an activity registry based on user parameter settings. With it, an app administrator can extract relevant information regarding changes made, such as, for example, the status of a user that was transferred from one group to another. iPortalDoc allows Corporate Groups to manage information pertaining to multiple companies in a single system.

Who can use iPortalDoc?

Available in either the Starter Edition or Enterprise Version, iPortalDoc is based on a range of default processes that fits the needs of most companies while also being customizable.

The range of default processes can meet most corporate/organizational needs, both for private and public companies, encompassing a wide range or business areas: Digital Invoicing

Companies that invest in a Document and Process Management solution, such as iPortalDoc, quickly achieve a return on investment due to a decrease on paper usage as well as the increased productivity achieved through greater efficiency in process management.

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