Unified Communication System for Healthcare Process Automation

25 February, 2022 News

Integrated system focused on client satisfaction that collects, registers and handles information through the automation of manual workflows.

Available 24/7, the system increases customer satisfaction and operation efficiency by reducing the likelihood of errors as well as waiting and response times.

A Unified Communication System for Healthcare Process Automation based on IPBRICK technology that integrates different systems and platforms able to carry out tasks and processes in data bases, corporate systems, websites, etc. As such, the solution ensures the convergence of all information coming from multiple means of communication/platforms (calls, e-mails, etc.) in a main central platform (BPMS, iPortalDoc).

Why have Unified Communication?

The lack of a Unified Communication System for Process Automation means information received through a given mean of communication such as, for example, a call, will have to be returned with another call. This is typically done manually in an often time-consuming process. Even though other means can be used, that exchange of information rarely functions in an integrated matter and, as such, information is scattered through multiple systems. This makes checking and handling said information harder, and makes operational processes longer and slower which often leads to customer dissatisfaction.

How it works?

Picture the following situation. A customer calls a healthcare service to get information regarding the results of an exam. That call is picked up by a Virtual Assistant (VoiceBot) capable of collecting the information provided by the customer, interpret it and handle that information to give the customer an immediate response.

In addition to the promptness with which the Virtual Assistant responds to the customer, whose issue was handled quickly, the recording of the call that originated the customer’s request is stored in the BPMS. Then, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate department to be handled. This exchange of information will be properly registered and associated to the process.

After the request has been handled, thanks to this solution, it’s possible to collect and store information from customer satisfaction surveys.