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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of good businesses!

21 December, 2018 News


Workflow software

Digital Transformation, is your company ready for this challenge?

3 December, 2018 News

Digital transformation represents a unique opportunity for companies to transform their business, reducing costs, being more efficient in the management of their processes and, therefore, more competitive in the market. If you don’t want to “lose this train” and you…

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Eight parish councils of Algarve choose iPortalDoc

31 October, 2018 News

PARISH COUNCILS CHOICES THE IPORTALDOC TO MANAGE PROCESSES. Considered as one of the most important touristic regions of Portugal and Europe, Algarve is known by its Mediterranean temperate climate, mild and short Winters, and long, hot and dry Summers. Tepid and…

Software documentation

It’s not just the electronic mail that allows you to send documents

20 September, 2018 News

Have your organization ever sent emails with important attachments and ended up losing track of them or even stopped controlling the history of that emails exchange? With iPortalDoc, you can simultaneously forward one or several documents, both for users of…

Document management

Your documents always at hand with the Document Management

22 August, 2018 News

iPortalDoc provides you with different types of search to find documents. Remember, a few years ago, how difficult it was to find a document in a stack of paper? Now, searching for documents in a Document Management platform is much…

Document management software

Make an efficient management of your employees’ vacations

13 July, 2018 News

Managing the scheduling of vacations is often a huge challenge. To help you manage your employees' vacations efficiently, use the Human Resources Process of iPortalDoc, Vacations. To schedule vacations you must fill the form available on iPortalDoc, selecting the intended…

Business process management

Benefit from the simplicity of iPortalDoc, the Document Management

20 June, 2018 News

If you are taking the first steps in the use of iPortalDoc or, on the other hand, you wish to make the most of the simplicity of its use, you can't miss this video! Insert documents, associate them between themselves…

Document management system

Automate the commercial process of your company with iPortalDoc

13 June, 2018 News

With the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK you will be able to send your commercial proposals, via iPortalDoc, associating several documents, such as emails, invoices, orders, implementation reports, among others, and ensuring that all information is easily accessible…

Business process management

Portuguese Hospital pioneer in the dematerialization of documents

28 March, 2018 News

Approximately 160 users of the Hospital of Ovar use iPortalDoc DR. FRANCISCO ZAGALO HOSPITAL Located in the Central Region of Portugal, Ovar is know as the Museum City of Azulejo (portuguese tiles). There is even who consider that walking through…

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It’s time to schedule your vacations!

1 March, 2018 News

Watch the video, on the Human Resources Process, Vacations To schedule your vacations you must fill the available form, in the Document and Process Management, with the desired vacation days, and then foward that information for higher approval. The responsible…

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