Automation of work Processes with iPortalDoc

5 March, 2020 News

Put an end to the execution of manual tasks that increase the margin of error and decrease efficiency.

The automation of processes (Commercial, Financial, Human Resources and many others), through the usage of a Document and Process Management solution, such as iPortalDoc, consists in the replacement of manual tasks for automated tasks, by using workflows. This automation not only allows to transform the information in paper format into structured and more efficient digital processes but also ensures the decreasing of the margin of error in the handling of those processes.

The more automated and structured a work process is, the smaller is the margin of error and, as a consequence, the bigger is the efficiency of the process itself. This happens because, in solutions where the automation of processes is a reality, it is the system itself that determines the stages through which the process must go, and thereby prevents users from executing the same process in different ways, since they have to comply with the rules defined in the system.

In addition, it prevents departments from depending on the sharing of information performed by others, since it allows the consultation of that information in a simple and centralized way.

And what about your company? Does it already use a Document Management solution, such as iPortalDoc, to automate Work Processes?