Eight parish councils of Algarve choose iPortalDoc

31 October, 2018 News


Considered as one of the most important touristic regions of Portugal and Europe, Algarve is known by its Mediterranean temperate climate, mild and short Winters, and long, hot and dry Summers. Tepid and calm waters, breathtaking natural landscapes, a vast historical and ethnographic heritage, and a delicious cuisine, make of this region one of the most sought by tourists.
IPBRICK in partnership with Algardata, supported eight parish councils of Algarve [Aljezur, S. Brás de Alportel, Quelfes, Vila do Bispo e Raposeira, S. Gonçalo de Lagos, Alcantarilha e Pêra, Algoz e Tubes and Moncarapacho e Fuseta], in the implementation of Balcão Virtual Online, based on iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management system of IPBRICK. The implementation of this Online Desk aimed to bring citizens closer to the Administrative services, allowing an easier communication between the citizens and the parish.


With the implementation of Balcão Virtual Online, based on iPortalDoc, the eight parish councils of Algarve started handling, in a virtual way, the several processes that used to force citizens to go to the parish councils, to request, in person, a set of official information and documents. Among the several processes handled in Balcão Virtual Online, stand out: Information Request, Hall Request, Transport Request and Suggestions. The Sent and Received Correspondence of the parish councils also started to be handled in the Online Desk, avoiding the use of paper and, by its turn, the circulation of information in paper format.


Thanks to the implementation of Balcão Virtual Online, the Correspondence received by the parish council is scanned and circulates in a dematerialized way, easing the communication of the municipals with the executive, and of the executive with the municipals. In addition, it automated and reduced the handling time of a set of official information and documents, which are now requested and managed via the Online Desk.
With the implementation of the Online Desk, parish councils were able to reduce paper consumption, initiate the dematerialization of the parish councils’ processes and bring the citizens closer to the administrative services, also representing an innovation and optimization of resources. This investment resorted to European funding and the project was supported by CRESC Algarve 2020.