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Set your iPortalDoc to manage your correspondence

28 April, 2017 News 0 Comments

Manage your letters with the help of iPortalDoc. Before you start wondering about the correspondence that your company has yet to manage, let us tell you that we have the solution for the formal answers and letters that you need…

Document management software

Will you want to stay outside this Cloud?

29 March, 2017 News 0 Comments

To help them in the management of the Processes, Energaia uses iPortalDoc As one of the oldest energy agencies of Portugal, and Europe, Energaia started its activity in the City Hall of Gaia, having implemented projects and politics in the…

Document management system


16 March, 2017 News

Public Administration, in Portugal, began, this month, with the last stage of a project to end with the usage of paper. The pilot project “Papel Zero” will be the responsible for the definitive dematerialization of the State’s administrative processes, switching…

Business process management

Connecting people to their documents, processes and communications

1 March, 2017 News 0 Comments

IPBRICK developed the integration of its solutions... Gone are the days when digitizing, classifying, distributing and archiving documents was enough. Nowadays, most company documents are associated to one or more business processes, and all business processes have, at least, one…

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15 February, 2017 News

iPortalDoc is the solution that you are looking for. Are you looking for a solution that combines the features of a Document and Process Manager with the features of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of your company? Which can integrate the…

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Does it look easy to prepare a successful meeting with iPortalDoc?

12 January, 2017 News

Meetings module for iPortalDoc, the Document Management solution. Have you ever considered that the lack of a simple document, or information, may completely ruin a meeting? Demanding meetings of Board of Directors, Business Administration, or even of a City Hall,…

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VERSION 6.1 OF the Document Management IS ALREADY AVAILABLE!

3 January, 2017 News

Reduce the large amounts of emails that you received! On an Email Management level, the improvements consist in reducing the nightmare that large amounts of emails have turned out to be, by sorting and associating these messages to documents and…

Archive manager

Santa Claus came to IPBRICK…

27 December, 2016 News 0 Comments

And left the present that our clients and partners have been asking for quite some time. That's right, do you remember what you wished for iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Manager of IPBRICK? It just came true! Version 6.1 of…

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IMPAR is insured by iPortalDoc

15 December, 2016 News 0 Comments

IMPAR Seguros use iPortalDoc, the Document Management IMPAR Seguros, an insurance company, is one of the most profitable financial institutions of Cape Verde, which is about to complete 25 years of history, counts on a distribution network that covers all islands…

Software documentation


24 November, 2016 News

iPortalDoc integrated with the CRM module The hardest thing to know is how to execute this task, do you agree? Nowaday’s, it’s essential to understand the needs of clients and potential clients, knowing immediately how to perform to meet their…

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