What do Poultry and the Document Management have in common?

23 August, 2017 News 0 Comments

“Casa do Aido” uses iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management

Since 1957 “Casa do Aido” has been dedicated to the production, control, classification and commercialization of grain, feed, chickens, hens and eggs. From the production and selection, to the distribution network with the best transport conditions, the quality of the service provides customers timely deliveries of fresh and controlled products. Thus it was certified with NP EN ISO 22000;2005, food safety management system.
With a large portfolio of national and international clients “Casa do Aido” will continue to consolidate its position in these markets with high-value products, improving and developing new ways to reach the end customer faster.

“Casa do Aido” uses iPortalDoc, to manage incoming and register outgoing correspondence. In addition, Human Resources documents are recorded and filed in iPortalDoc; banking; payments; receipts and internal analysis documents.
They also use the Mail Archiving Module to manage company emails. With Mail Archiving they can easily organize and search all emails and associate them with iPortalDoc documents. They also have the Document Management system to integrate with the company’s ERP allowing to open the respective document directly integrated in iPortalDoc.

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