Pharmaceutical industry optimizes processes with iPortalDoc

14 February, 2018 News

Mecofarma use iPortalDoc for the management of several Processes


With over 20 years of existence, Mecofarma emerged, in Angola, with the goal of creating a chain of pharmacies that would promote the access to medicines and health products to the whole population. Today, with an acknowledged experience and know-how, the Mecofarma network has ten Pharmacies and three Pet-Shops, and seeks to provide the access to medicines and safe health products to its clients, with high quality standards, supporting this service in a professional care and in specialized technical knowledge.


In Mecofarma they use iPortalDoc for the management of several Processes, such as Human Resources, Correspondence and Contracts, as well as some Internal Information Processes. The Human Resources process is used for the management of Vacations and Absences. For the management of Sent and Received Letters, in all Pharmacies and Pet-Shops, they use the Correspondence process. They also use the Contracts Module, of iPortalDoc, for the management of Contracts with Suppliers and Employees.


Thanks to the use of iPortalDoc, Mecofarma was able to modernize and position itself in the Angolan market as a technologically advanced company, when compared with other existing companies. In addition, it was able to reduce the documents’ circulation time, which were transported by the employees between the Pharmacies and the Pet-Shops, thus boosting the efficiency of its treatment.