20 June, 2016 News

RSN use iPortalDoc and the Digital Workspace, IPBRICK.CAFE

With 15 years of experience, RSN, Sociedade de Advogados, is a law firm that’s aware of the demands of its activity, and in order to ensure a quality service to its clients utilizes a Document and Process Manager, based on Workflows, iPortalDoc. An implementation in partnership with Megatrónica.

RSN lawyers use iPortalDoc to manage their court proceedings as well as to register the amount of time that every one of them invest in each process. This allows them to obtain invoice reports on each process/client based on the registered working hours.

To streamline internal and external communication, RSN also uses the Digital Workspace, of IPBRICK, to post news, share legislation, communicate by chat and perform video-conferences with international clients.