iPortalDoc uncomplicates Project Management

22 June, 2017 News 0 Comments

In each project, in each challenge, GEG, a portuguese company, creates “Engineering structures for Life“. It’s under this principle that the international company of consulting and engineering projects, with headquarters in Porto, presents itself. For 30 years now they have been working on developing the best engineering solutions, promoting a culture of excellence, confidence and innovation. In 2016, that work of excellence is recognized through the attribution of the PME Excelência status – a portuguese quality seal.

The usage of the Project Management Solution of IPBRICK, had an important role in the acquisition of this status, since that everytime a new project is inserted in iPortalDoc, a structure of folders is automatically created, allowing an organized management of all information, which, by its turn, facilitates the association of documents to the project (including emails, letters, faxes and invoices) and subsequent search and consultation of the associated documentation. The users are notified by email to take note of the documents they receive for handling, correction or update. iPortalDoc is also performing an important role in the Commercial Process management of GEG thanks to the CRM Module, which allows them to obtain statistical reports on the number of elaborated, adjudicated and non-adjudicated proposals, meetings, calls and sales.

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