iPortalDoc is already running in Águas do Porto

22 November, 2017 News

Águas do Norte use iPortalDoc processes and Mail Archiving

The portuguese municipal company Águas do Porto wants to automate and simplify the work processes by using, for that purpose, iPortalDoc,the Document and Process Management system of IPBRICK.

To ensure the complete management of the urban water cycle, creating economic and social value, focused on the client, developing good environment, management and internal motivation practices, is the main goal of Águas do Porto. The company works on a daily basis to ensure the quality of the water it distributes and, thereby, to get the citizen’s recognition of the high quality standards of the water for consumption that it is provided to them.

Among the iPortalDoc processes used by the company stand out: Financial Documentation, Inspection Requests, Technical Orientation and Clients Complaints. They also use iPortalDoc for Mail Archiving, therefore ensuring that all received and sent emails are archived and can easily be associated to the processes taking place in iPortalDoc. The Received and Sent Correspondence, and the Internal Correspondence of Águas do Porto are also handled in the Document and Process Management.