iPortalDoc in the representation of the culture of the wine

14 November, 2017 News

The Douro Museum uses iPortalDoc to the management of processes

With over two decades, the Douro Museum, a portuguese museum, has the mission to preserve, study, exhibit and interpret objects from various eras, which represent the identity, culture, history and development of the Douro, with particular emphasis in elements associated to winemaking. It assumes a major role with regard to the development of cultural values, providing experiences capable of motivating the participation and active involvement of the community.

They use the Cultural Goods Process to manage exhibitions, register the participants, articles and materials. The Financial Process for the management of the register of Itinerancy Bulletins, Expense Requests, Shop Orders, Invoices, Cash Sheets and Sales Relation. For the sending of information to the contacts network, such as the disclosure of events or exhibits, they use the Newsletter Module. The Received Correspondence of the Douro Museum is also handled in the Document and Process Management.