iPortalDoc in the Área Metropolitana do Porto (AMP)

4 October, 2017 News 0 Comments

AMP use GIS, integrated with the Document Management solution

Porto, a city whose references are inscribed in history, stands out today as a main city, the embryo of the large region that is nowadays the Metropolitan Area of Porto. Located in the north coast of Portugal, AMP, the institution responsible for the Metropolitan Area of Porto, embraces a geographical area, which is currently composed by 17 contiguous municipalities, with a local population of approximately 1.700.000 inhabitants. The 17 municipalities, which compose the Metropolitan Area of Porto, present unique and identity characteristics, that grant a great cultural diversity to the metropolitan territory. That identity/diversity is reflected in the range of offers concerning culinary, sports, nature and cultural programs, which offer unique experiences to visitors and citizens.

In AMP they use the Geographic Information System (GIS), developed by TRIEDE TI and installed in IPBRICK Operating System, that integrates with the Document and Process Management solution.

The integration between GIS and iPortalDoc allows to store all the geographical information, produced in the AMP, on the Document Management and to access it through the Geographic Information System interface, or even through iPortalDoc. On the other hand, iPortalDoc can automatically attach the image of the geographic area of GIS to any process that is taking place on the Document Management, with georeferencing activity.