Company of Waste and Infrastructure Management uses iPortalDoc

18 January, 2018 News

Infraquinta uses the Document and Process Management solution

Infraquinta, E.M., a portuguese company of infrastructures in Quinta do Lago, is integrated in the protected area of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa and it’s responsible for the management of the systems of watter supply, sanitation, wastes and green spaces. Considering the nature of the area of intervention, and in the pursuit of its activity, the company seeks to develop practices that prevent and minimize any environmental impact.

For the management of Financial, Correspondence and Quality Processes, Infraquinta uses iPortalDoc.

The Financial Process is used for the management of authorization/adjudication requests on purchases from suppliers, a PHC integration via Sisgarbe. The invoices are received, registered in iPortalDoc and reported to the PHC for accounting verification. Then they proceed to higher approval and iPortalDoc notifies the Directors and Administrators that it’s necessary to approve the correspondent invoices.
They also use the Correspondence Process for the management of all letters and emails, sent and received. Clients’ Complaints, inserted in the Quality Process, are also managed in iPortalDoc. An implementation with the partnership of Algardata.