Starter Edition

O iPortalDoc Starter Edition is a compact version of the Document Management Solution, up to a maximum of 15 users. The objective is to give companies the possibility to enjoy the same features and advantages of Document Management but with lower initial investment. At the end of five years, the Starter Edition version can be migrated to the Enterprise version at no additional cost. 

iPortalDoc Starter Edition will allow companies/organizations to standardize processes. Regardless of whether a task is performed by one or several people, it is performed via iPortalDoc, where the entire activity history, through which the document has passed, is available for consultation, with no margin for errors or deviations. This contributes not only to the quality of the services provided, as well as to the increase in the companiesown productivity.


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Base Processes

iPortalDoc Starter Edtion

Set of processes that can in its entirety be made available on the basis of iPortalDoc Starter Edition: Emails; My Docs; Legal; Human Resources; Management; Commercial; Financial, Marketing; Technical; Administrative. This is the set of Base Processes that may be visible in your Starter Edition version of iPortalDoc, or only those that your company/organization understands are necessary for your activity.

Workflow type: Archive

Only the Quality Process is available with a set of pre-configured workflows. For documents with Workflow type “Archive”, there is the possibility for the user to define an Ad Hoc workflow (approve document, read document, sign document, etc)..

  • Single and centralized repository;
  • Reduces the circulation of paper documents;
  • Monetization of physical and digital space;
  • Optimizes information and process management; 
  • Normalizes processes;
  • Facilitates document search;
  • Increases security and confidentiality in accessing information;
  • Prevents misplacement and loss of time.
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