About us

IPBRICK, S.A. is a software manufacturer and supplier specialized in Corporate Communications, headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia.

IPBRICK was born in May 2000, at a time when the Linux operating system was in the spotlight by various experts and organizations. The company arises as an answer to several areas of intervention, based on Open Source solutions, and aiming to provide an easy, simple and accessible user IT (Information Technology) experience.

In 2001, using some equity, it started the first steps in R&D and developed some Linux-based solutions for business communications. In 2002, the first IPBrick product (called iPortalDoc) emerged and in 2005, in accordance with the technological stabilization of its products and the innumerable requests from external markets, the company began its internationalization project.

In 2008, it takes a giant leap in launching UCoIP (Unified Communications over IP). By creating the UCoIP, IPBRICK predicted the end of the traditional phone numbers and lines. Today, more and more companies are adopting Internet access lines exclusively as part of their telecommunications infrastructure. Which means that all communications start working on the Internet.

Currently, IPBRICK solutions operate On Premises but mainly in Private Cloud and in partnership with local Data Centers, covering the most important areas of Corporate Communications:

  • Unified Communications – IPBRICK.UCoIP

  • Document Management and Processes – iPortalDoc

  • Email and Collaborative Tools – IPBRICK.Mail

  • Enterprise Social Network – IPBRICK.CAFE

At the same time, with the commercialization of these products, it also provides support services, consulting, installation and configuration.

Its technology is present in five continents and in more than 30 countries. It has a network of 270 partners, with registered sales, and over 500 technicians, certified in IPBRICK technology.


IPBRICK, S.A. is a company whose mission is to constantly innovate in communications solutions for companies.

Its vision is to be a reference company in the development and implementation of On Premises and Private Cloud solutions.


They put in practice, the values to which they have committed themselves:

  • Commitment and Responsibility

  • Ethics and Transparency

  • Distinction and Technological Innovation

  • Team spirit

  • Customer Focus